wanna play?

With 1500+ people playing in our weekly leagues and tournaments we have the highest number of people playing volleyball in one place. Whether you are a pro or someone who has never played before, we offer opportunities for everyone to get involved!

There are 4 ways you can play sand volleyball at the sports garden:


We offer a variety of tournaments for all skill levels throughout the year.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook to see the event section or click on the link to see our full tournament section.

Call or email us to rent a court for any amount of time for any number of players. 

Our courts are $50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.



Open Play means anyone can come in during our open hours and play for $6 per person if and for as long as courts are available. 

We offer Open Play on a first come - first served basis every day of the week, however, there is no guarantee courts will be available. 

We offer leagues all year. Free Agent teams are formed any day of the week, based upon interest.

No team? No Problem!

We offer leagues where you sign up individually and get paired up with a different team of 4 players each week to compete. 

Sports Garden Tournament Schedule 2022 VERSION JUNE 22.png