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There is a long history behind the location now known as the Sports Garden. For 20+ years, the North and the South sides of the street changed names, changed owners, competed against each other, and eventually came under one unified business.  Many people met their spouses here.  Anyone who has played any kind of competitive volleyball in DFW, has played at some point at this location.



The Sports Garden name was inspired by a bar in northern MN on Lake Superior called ‘Grandma’s Sports Garden’.  Back in the late 80s-early 90s, this bar had an indoor volleyball court surrounded by several levels of seating where customers could eat and drink and be entertained by the volleyball enthusiast playing on the other side of the net.  Some of the best players in MN came from this small town, in part because they had a place to play that made them famous (in their own minds).  The place made volleyball both fun to play, and fun to watch.  Afterwards you could stick around to eat, drink, and dance


The heart behind the Sports Garden in DFW is the same: come not just to play volleyball, but watch it, and have some fun.  The facility is large (one of the largest sand volleyball bar and grill in the US with 24 sand courts), but also multi-functional.  We have an indoor studio where we host a big variety of private and corporate events.


The best way to explain what we are is our marketing trinity. We are three places in one:  a place to eat/drink, play/watch, host/meet.  In other words, we are a full restaurant and bar, a sports playing and watching facility, and an event venue.


Rob West, AKA the Mayor, has been successfully running volleyball leagues both sand and indoors through his company "Champagne Volleyball" for 20+ years.  Few volleyball players in Dallas don’t have one of his shirts, and even fewer don’t have a memory of playing in one of his leagues or tournaments.  He plays left handed, and it’s not clear how long his knees will hold out.

Marty Kennard, AKA the Moose or Maestro,  spent 20+ years in corporate America until he finally decided to work for himself by buying rental homes.  Most of his career was with Target (17 years/8 states), but also included stints with Life Time Fitness, Public Storage, and Regus.  When he plays volleyball, he plays all out, as proven by 7 broken fingers (mostly from blocking).

Sports Garden Photo (86)_edited.jpg

Rob and Marty – the duo came together when Rob had a radical idea: rather than just playing volleyball together at someone else’s place, let’s buy a place.  To make a long story short, they bought the business in late February, 2016, and have been building up the business ever since.  

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